So you are thinking on building a bike? Choosing a perfect bike frame proves to be more challenging than you thought? We feel you! Having gotten our hands on hundreds of different frames, we understand that choosing the right frame for your next bicycle project might be exhausting and overwhelming.  Thus we would like to share our opinion on this matter with you and hopefully help you choose not just a good frame, but a great one! Please note that we are giving suggestions based on the overall look of the frame and both the quality of the frame and ride comfort. If you have any particular questions, give us a shout and we’ll help you choose a frame.

First on our list is the BLB Classic R frameset. Needless to say the frame looks and feels well made. It is also one of the cheapest frames available and it is definitely worth a consideration. It comes with three finishes: Black, Champagne and Blue, Champagne and Blue being our favorites. The frame comes with a 1 inch chrome lugged fork which will look great with a sleek quill stem. As the name suggest BLB Classic R frame is perfect for a classical, vintage commuter bike build.

Why we like it:

  • Chrome lugged fork;
  • Champagne/Blue finish;
  • Easy on your wallet;
  • Perfect for a vintage build.


Another 1” frameset, for your consideration – Bombtrack Oxbridge. Bombtrack is well known for their attention to the details and great build quality, no surprise that the Oxbridge is just the way you would expect it to be: well made, clean and simple. The frame even comes with a FSA Duron headset included, saving you a trouble of choosing one. The 2014 frame colors are a bit boring, however, with the soon to come 2015 frames they put more thought into their color pallet and came up with two amazing finishes: Metallic Navy and Metallic Dark Green. Combine this frame with a low section wheelset and you will end up with a sleek and cool vintage bike.

Why we like it:

  • Great build quality;
  • Headset included;
  •  New 2015 colors;
  • Simplicity.


Part 2 is coming…

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