New Mint fixies bicycles

Hey there, If you haven’t noticed it yet, our Create it application has been completely refurbished. Now you can enjoy your own custom fixed gear bike with more colour options and better components. First of all, we have introduced new 2014 lightweight bicycle frames! Now the frameset is even 1kg lighter than the previous Mint

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Fixie gear ratio

Fixed gear bike

You should have heard gear ratio being mentioned at least once before, but what does it actually mean? There‘s plenty of information out there on the internet. However, it might not be as easy to understand it in a snap. Here‘s the easy version of what it means: So the partners in crime of which

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About us

Mint Fixie

Let’s go ride a bike together! Don’t you just love feeling the wind in your face and the thrill of speeding down the hill? I founded Mint Fixies because I fell in love with fixed gear bikes ever since I first time laid my eyes on them. Cycling is not only a mode of transportation,

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