Mint Fixies story

Have you ever wondered – especially on a cloudy and rainy day – what life would look like if it was just more colorful?

Mint Fixies have been born out of the idea to give life more color. We have made it our mission to color the cities of the world in motion – in bicycle motion. With your help we want to put a smile on people’s faces by filling the streets with color, happiness and zest.

We want you to be the artist and life to be your canvas! Choose the colors of your bike,cruise the streets and paint your journey with some color and joy!

We have chosen the king of the streets for you to cruise around. A bike that has outlived many other bikes, a bike that is known for its speed and simplicity – the fixed gear bike! We gave it a little extra edge by adding a single speed cog (which is also beginner friendly) and the rest is up to you. Create your own Mint Fixie, pick your favorite colors and customize it. We will deliver it up to your door and off you can go to make life more colorful!

Enjoy, have fun, stay fresh – mint fresh!