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Spring is here

Fixed gear

The spring has come and boy it is nice to ride our bikes in the sun again!

Couldn’t you believe it, this spring is already the second one for Mint Fixies and for our bikes. One weekend we took a wet cloth and gave a proper cleaning of our bikes. We scrubbed of all the dirt from riding throughout the wet and mild winter and took a long ride by the river side of Rhein.

It crossed my mind while riding that I should share on how our bikes are holding up after over 2500 kilometers in case you are interested. So, 2500km done in and outside the city, during the rain, snow or sunny days. And all this with just 1 Puncture of my front tyre. I was unlucky enough to ride on a sharp piece of glass which punctured the tube. Except that and few minor scratches from locking the bicycle to lock stands or practicing on doing some free style tricks, nothing has happened.

To sum up, we are very happy of all the joyful moments riding our fixies as well as very proud and pleased with the performance and quality of our bikes so far. Our Mint Fixies bicyles are being used almost on every occasion, thus if we see room for improvements we address the issue and make it better, prettier, lighter.  To us our fixed gear / single speed bicycles are more than just a product. It is our passion and the way of life, that’s why every bicycle is hand built and during the ~3 hour process it is properly  greased, checked for defects, gently wrapped in safety materials and packed for shipping to your front door. As long as we provide you with a simple joy of riding a hassle free bicycle without no worries, cracks and rattles we are happy!



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