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Create your own bike

Create your own bike

We can build you a completely customized fixed gear or single speed bicycle!
All you need to do:

  • Check out our shop.
  • Choose the components you like.
  • Hit us up saying “I want my own ride! “
  • Write down the component list.
  • We will assemble a bike for you free of charge.

You choose what you like – we make it happen!

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Are you looking for a fixed gear bike, single speed bike that suits your taste? You can design your own bicycle out of hundred colour/part variation and we will build it for you in less than a week.

If you feel that our Mint Fixies Create-it bicycle customization application does not satisfy you, we can build you a bike from all of the components you can find and choose in our E-shop, or just combine it with the ones we put on our Mint Fixies bikes.

Design the bike you want to ride.

Our bicycles are hand built in Germany Cologne with 100% of love and care.