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Hey there,

If you haven’t noticed it yet, our Create it application has been completely refurbished. Now you can enjoy your own custom fixed gear bike with more colour options and better components.

First of all, we have introduced new 2014 lightweight bicycle frames!

Now the frameset is even 1kg lighter than the previous Mint Fixies 2013 Frames, but as durable and even better looking. Our new frames have thin tubing to shed some weight and look sleek. At almost every area the tubes are approximately 2mm thinner than the previous frames which is a rather big difference look wise. Mint Fixies new 2014 frames are so thin that only 26.0 mm custom seat posts can only be fitted in comparison to normal 27.2mm. At the moment there’s only black and silver seat posts available.

One more addition to our new frames – sport rear dropouts. They look great and can be fitted with simple chain tensioners.

What’s also new you may ask? Well, we are getting our new wheelsets too! As from now on, 45mm Deep-v sport wheels with CNC’ed breaking surface will be a standard option. These wheels come with high flange, sealed bearing hubs matching the rim colour! Also a new addition to our wheel colour range will be white wheels with gold hubs and gold wheels with gold hubs. They look dope and spin great ;)


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that for the upcoming years we decided to use some known fixed gear and single speed bicycle components such a Brick Lane Bikes, Fyxation, Polo and Bike, YBN components.

Saddles: BLB Fly

Crankset: BLB Track

Pedals: Fyxation slim gates

Chain: YBN S512H anti-drop

Handlebars: Brick lane bikes handlebars.

Brakesets: Polo and Bike.

Now for your money you will be getting a serious road and street ready bike which can withstand a beating and still look great!


Mint Fixies

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