Mint Fixies the real deal!

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You can never have too many options to choose from when you’re creating something special – your own unique fixed gear bike. From our experience we understand that the lack of options while designing your bike is frustrating. But worry no more, Mint Fixies is there for you offering thousands of color combinations, no matter if u want CroMo or aluminum alloy parts. And if you want even more, let us know and we will help you make your dream bike come true.

We ride our own Mint Fixies for leisure and commuting – in the city and on the outskirts. Whether it’s busy streets, bike lanes or gravel, our fixed gear bikes are like an extension of our bodies.  So whenever we notice something bugging us, we get rid of it, replace it and improve it.

Our fixed gear and single speed bikes are constantly evolving to offer you more options, higher quality and better prices.

Custom build fixed gear single speed bike

Mint Fixies the real deal

The most noticeable improvement so far was replacing the rather cheap and bulky Hi-Ten steel frames by aircraft grade CroMo steel frames. Chromoly steel is used by many professional bicycle racers due to its characteristics, such as responsiveness,ride quality and durability.  So we want to give you the real steel deal –CroMo steel frames – to see for yourselves. We hope you enjoy it, because we sure do.

Offering you joyful and colorful bikes is what matters to us most. So go on, create your Mint Fixie, go for a ride and own the streets.

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