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Fixed gear

What is the difference between a fixed gear and a single speed bicycle?

Fixed gear bicycles also known as fixies have a fixed gear, preventing  from coasting  on a fixed gear bike. That means whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals will keep on spinning. Since the peddals are always spinning you can apply back pressure in order to stop or in other words just pedal backwards to slwo down or stop. This is the original way the fixies were found to stop.

Single speed bicycles on the other hand are the ones which allow you to coast, meaning that whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals won‘t spin. Therefore, you cant apply back pressure and stop like you can do on a fixed gear bike.

It takes a bit of practice to become comfortable riding a fixed gear bicycle.  The bicycle does not allow coasting and for the first timer it might be rather difficult to learn.  No worries!! Mint Fixies come with a freewheel flip-flop hub allowing both single and fixed gear. It only takes a split of a second to flip your wheel around and enjoy sinlge-speed or fixed-gear setup on your bike.